Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Little Empire : Top Chart games for android

Little Empire : Top Chart games for android
Little Empire : Top Chart games for android
It’s no wonder Little Empire’s already the hottest 3D strategy game on the market: We’ve got 3 heroes, 12 units times, and hundreds of thousands of possible formations. And that’s not to even mention our never-before-seen hybrid of tower-defense, battle, and strategy gameplay elements! In the game, you will play as your own castle hero, guiding your army against other players,enemy alliances, and an Adventure story mode to expand your holdings and build an imperial legacy of your very own!

◆Download now to get a gift pack worth a total of 688 mojo!
◆Earn item and XP gift packs every day that you login for your first week!
◆All-new alliance resistance stats, Alliance Adventure, and 30 vs. 30 alliance battle gameplay!
◆10 Adventure Chapters,263 levels,limitless challenges!
◆Pure 3D models, large buttons, natural control scheme!

====What’s New in 1.15.0====
●New Features:
1.New Alliance Adventure and all-new alliance buildings
2.New Arena Challenge feature to challenge other players in level-based classes
3.New Championship: Sign-up, compete, and maybe make the Hall of Fame!
●Improved Features:
1.Increased daily task and login rewards
2.Lowered level requirement for first 2 Adventure mode levels
3.Bigger starting map
4.New level-up rewards starting at level 3
5.Alliance battle limit lowered to 3 attacks and 3 defenses
6.Friend’s can’t invade each other, only practice together
7.Daily defense reputation points capped at 300, not calculated by instance
8.Intro to strategy added to Adventure
9.When invaded, if the invader retreats, hero will be automatically placed on defense
10.Arena changed into training ground, with no rankings, and a raised magic spar drop rate
11.Art and UI improvements
12. IIC opened, max chip limit changed to 1000

Version 1.15.0 is going live! We’ve included a lot of your feedback and suggestions, such as adding an Alliance Adventure, an Arena Challenge system, and plenty of other new features and adjustments! At the same time, in order to celebrate the new update, we’re having a bunch of online events! An all-new Little Empire awaits your command!

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